About Us

We are John and Druann Bauer, recently from Ohio but, combined, we have lived in 12 different states, and visited all 50.  With our dogs, Eli and Angel, we embarked on a journey of discovery and service in 2018.   Unfortunately, Eli died of cancer on April 1, 2019.  He had one good year on the road, and will remain in our hearts forever.  


John retired in 2017 as a business consultant and I followed in May 2018, taking early retirement. I am a college professor, previously a newspaper editor.  In 2017, we took a survey—just on a whim—of the perfect retirement.  To our surprise, we both wanted to go out on the road in an RV—something John has never done.  So we planned, and planned some more, then we bought a 45 foot Jayco Seismic.  With two exterior decks, it was perfect for our fur babies.  Our human children, Caroline and Michael, have long since left the nest.

So, off we went, escaping the cold of Ohio. Our house hadn't sold yet, but we left anyway, leaving the home sale in God’s hands.  After two years, it sold in November of 2019.  Praise God!

We’ve named our adventure It’s 70 Degrees Somewhere, because our goal is to “never be cold again” (homage to Scarlett O’Hara and Jimmy Buffett).

We have explored this great country full time now for four years.  In October of this year (2021) we decided it was time to buy another home and get off the road---at least for a while.


No, we're not rolling up the carpet, just changing course.  Our next adventure will find us in The Villages in Florida, the largest retirement community in the country.


I've been itching to go back to work and John wants to work on his golf game.  We also plan to continue our volunteer work.  Life will not be boring for us--ever.

As we've matured, we discovered that we weren't really happy unless our existence has a greater purpose, so a big part of our new life embraces service to others.  We have joined groups around the country that handle disaster relief, and served at Christian camps through two organizations: NOMADS and SOWERS.  And if someone is hungry, as my ex-mother-in-law would say, I’ll just add a little water to the gumbo and make room for them at the table.  We have been blessed by God and it’s time to give some of that back.

So, follow along with us, ask questions, recommend topics, and we will share our adventures through photos, videos, and blogs.

And we hope you like the next chapter of our lives, as we explore The Villages.


Happy trails (and tails),


Our dogs, Angel and Eli

Eli was an 8-year-old American Eskimo and Angel is a 9-year-old half English Setter/half traveling salesman that we rescued.

John and Druann Bauer