How to Make Foaming Facial Wash

facial wash
Peppermint foaming facial wash

Before we went exploring as full-time RVers, I had a small business, #Timeout4me, where I created natural makeup and skin-care products. All of these products I personally used, and many were created primarily because I couldn’t find quality commercial soaps, cleansers, and makeup that worked well on my dry skin.

When we went on the road, I took as many of my products with me as possible. There are two things I can’t live without. One is my moisturizer, and the other is my daily facial wash. When I run out, I make both of these on the road.

Since I do not plan to start up my business again once I am back in a sticks and bricks house, I thought I would share the recipe for the facial wash. The recipe came from a skin-care wholesaler, Brambleberry ( You can also get the ingredients from them. And I am not getting any kind of kickback from Brambleberry. I can just attest to the quality of their products.

Ingredients you will need:

2 lbs. foaming bath whip —buy it at Brambleberry.

1 ounce essential oil or fragrance (NOTE: Be careful not to use too much fragrance. This is going on your face. And some people have very sensitive skin. I frequently use peppermint, but I never use more than .5 ounces in two pounds of bath whip)

2 ounces liquid oil—I prefer sweet almond, avocado, or jojoba (Jojoba is my favorite). Use a light oil, and one that has a longer shelf life.

2 cups granulated white sugar (the stuff you buy in a big bag)

NOTE: This recipe makes 16 2-ounce jars



Step 1

Place your bath whip, fragrance, and oil in a large bowl with deep sides (you’ll thank me later). I like to do 1 pound of bath whip to 1 ounce of liquid oil at a time. It’s more manageable when it comes to blending. Your goal is to soften up the bath whip. When I am only making a 1 pound batch, I cut the block of bath whip in half and refrigerate the other half. Let the 1 pound you are using now to sit out on a counter for an hour (especially if you refrigerated it) to help you in the softening process.

Step 2

Mix the bath whip, fragrance, and oil on low until the bath whip is smooth, then switch to high to whip up the mix. Whip until fluffy – this usually just takes a couple of minutes.

Step 3

Stir in the sugar by hand. When stirring in the sugar, it’s more of a folding. Use an offset spatula (the tool you use to ice cakes), which will help you scrape the sides of the bowl.

Step 4

Put the mixture in plastic jars with lids. They can then be left in the shower. If you want to get fancy, you can colorize your facial wash and improve its appearance in the jar. First, after your facial wash is completely blended, divide your batch into two portions. Then use just a pinch (less than 1/8 tsp.) of skin-safe mica coloring in one portion. Blend well. Leave the other portion white. Then fill up a cake decorating tube with your favorite tip and the white portion. Fill up another tube with the colored one. Pipe the facial wash into your jars, alternating colors. (See photo).

NOTE: A little bit goes a long way. Just a dab on your fingertip is more than enough to wash your face. Just wet the soap and it expands, giving you lots of soap that is gentle on your face, yet with enough abrasion to make your skin smooth. It’s safe enough to use daily. I’ve been doing so for over six years, and it’s the best facial soap I’ve ever found. My skin no longer itches, or cracks and bleeds. Give it a try.

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