Propane is not my friend

No one wants to wake up to 48 degrees.

Monday, April 9, 5:48 a.m. Druann has the day off work and there’s no alarm. So why am I awake? Oh yeah, I’m numb from the cold. Even Angel, who normally sleeps on the foot of the bed, has managed to wedge herself between us - stretched out lengthwise. When will she learn that the head of the bed is for her head? This is not a pretty sight first thing in the morning.

Our new Jayco has twin 30 lb. propane tanks with a regulator that is supposed to gauge how much is left in the tanks and to make it easy to switch from one nearly-empty tank to the full reserve one in an instant. Something you’d normally think to do before going to bed. Unfortunately, the regulator never worked so we never really know how much is left in each tank. A replacement is on order, under warranty of course, but it probably won’t be here until summer.

Druann and I made a deal – I’m responsible for changing #propane containers out from bedtime until the alarm. In return, she walks the dogs in the cold mornings right after our coffee. So I’m dragging my not-so-happy butt out of bed to change the propane.

Wait, what’s this I see…SNOW AGAIN!! Wait until she sees this…

It’s 70 Degrees Somewhere. And I intend to find it!!


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