Traveling the USA in our RV

We will be spending two days on a bison ranch getting to know these beautiful creatures.

Oh, the places we will go…

John and I are excited about our travel plans for the next several months. We wanted to share them with everyone, and if you have any suggestions for places we should visit along the way, please let us know by emailing me at

First, we are currently spending two weeks in Sturgis, SD so we can visit the Badlands, Mt. Rushmore, Custer National Park, and every other bit of scenery we can absorb. And, no, the motorcycle rally is not going on at that time.

As some of you know, our RV and truck suffered some pretty severe damage yesterday in a hail storm, so our plans could change as we try to get everything repaired. But we plan to forge ahead!

After two days of boondocking, we will be going to Rollins, MT for two weeks to do a service project as representatives of the #Nomads, a group of RVers who “travel with a purpose.” We’ll be volunteering at the United Methodist camp, doing some construction work as well as landscaping. It’s our first service project, so we’re pretty excited.

Three days of boondocking follow, with some great spots along a river. I hope to catch some fish. Then we’re heading to the Devil’s Lake, ND area to visit a friend who owns a bison ranch. We’ll spend two days there so we can get up close and personal with some bison and get more information about the raising and care of the big critters. John used to be in the bison meat business, so he’s pretty familiar with these shaggy animals, but my only experience with them is at a zoo.

We’ll inch along the Canadian border after that, heading to International Falls, MN, followed by Tahquamenon Falls. Waterfalls and great hiking trails are in our future.

We leave that beautiful scenery for some of our favorite views, found at Traverse City, Michigan. We love to bike in that area, plus our great friends, Kip and Carla Falls, live there.

By September we have to take a break and get some warranty work done on our RV—or finally getting the hail damage fixed. Then we stop in Findlay, Ohio to check on our house (that hasn’t sold yet), and visit with good friends. Then we head south to help our daughter plan her wedding and find a wedding dress. We are also going to John’s 50th high school reunion, and will do some renovations on our son’s home. Then we start heading west for the winter.

January is the big tent show in #Quartzsite, Arizona, and we will be working the Escapees desk at that two week-long event. After that, we have friends in the southwest that we can’t wait to see, then we have another two week service project, this time with the Sowers organization—in California. We became official Sowers members today! Thanks Pastor David Pratt for the letter of recommendation.

After the service project, we move up the West Coast because we are doing ALASKA next summer with a small group of friends!

We will fill in this schedule with specific destinations, but we are pretty excited about our plans. I’m also shooting video, so please check out our YouTube video channel and subscribe to its70degreessomewhere. I posted a video today on how to keep the toilet seat lid up. It’s riveting stuff!

As you follow our adventures, please feel free to share your great location suggestions. We don’t mind veering off course. That’s what’s so wonderful about full-time #RVing. No worries (well, other than hail dents). No deadlines. Living life fully one day at a time.

Happy trails,

Druann #its70degreessomewhere

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