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Why we are starting a new life chapter

Updated: Apr 9, 2018

We plan to listen and learn, meet new people from all walks of life, find ways to help others, take time to breathe, reflect, and enjoy communing with nature.

Me leading a group of students in a Photojournalism shoot. It's cold in Ohio.

My husband, John, and I are about to embark on a great adventure.  We are leaving our jobs, our home, and what some people describe as "security" and we are taking to the road in a large 5th wheel camper.

John is 67 and I am 61.  Both children of the Yuppy Generation, we were taught that success in life meant making plenty of money, owning a nice house and car, and raising 2.5 children.

Well, we did that (although we really only have 2 children--couldn't figure out the .5 add on), and for all intents and purposes, we're happy.

But we weren't really living a very meaningful life.  So, we've decided to chuck it all and start over, this time, hopefully, getting it right.

I'm a university professor with a Ph.D in literature. I also teach professional writing, photography, and graphic and web design.

The change all began about 5 years ago.  I was teaching one of my "dream courses," entitled "The Bucket List."  This was an interactive course.  We read great works of literature, then tried to apply the lessons gleaned from the course in our own lives.  In addition, each student made up their own bucket list, and we tried to fulfill some of those dreams.

Many of these texts really touched me.  Expect me to blog about them later--after all, it's hard to leave the teacher behind.  One of my favorite books, the first we read in the course, was Thoreau's Walden Pond.  I was first introduced to this book in grade school.  My grandmother sent each of her grandchildren three books for Christmas, and this was the first book she sent me.  I read it so many times the covers fell off.  I have several different editions of it now, but it brings me great peace each time I open its covers.

We can learn from nature if we allow ourselves to listen.  We can become better human beings.  We can block out all the noise of a society that values things that have no lasting value and find those that do matter: a sense of integrity, a willingness to help others, love and respect for God, and respect for nature and all it can teach us.

So we plan to listen and learn, meet new people from all walks of life, find ways to help others, take time to breathe, reflect, and enjoy communing with nature.

We are currently getting our Victorian home ready for sale, and hopefully, by May 3, 2018 we will be in our new home, making plans to head out across the United States and Canada.

So please follow us in our adventures as we explore the possibilities together.  I will be posting videos on our YouTube channel (see the previous tab).

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My husband, John, and I have quit our day jobs to go find the true meaning of peace and happiness, for ourselves and others.  We bought an RV and have set out across America to explore the country and find new challenges.  We hope you'll come along for the ride.


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